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Regional tournament.

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2019-2020 Program Information

Every year LYWA works to improve the program by incorporating parent and wrestler feedback. This year we are making a few changes to how practices are arranged. 

Over the years, we have gone purely by grade breakdowns: Pre-K–K; 1st–2nd; and 3rd–5th. This year we are going with a slightly different approach: experience/skills-based practice rooms.

Our Pre-K|K wrestlers will have no change and will continue to practice at Lakeville North from 6:00-7:00 pm on Tues. and Thurs. We have had great success with these individuals engaging, having fun, and learning together.

Our upper age groups will change a bit. This year we are adjusting our upper-age group sessions to developing and advanced skills-based sessions. 

This change has two goals:

  • The first is to support new wrestlers that are starting in later grades with an amazing foundation. We anticipate this change will support both retention and skill building.
  • Our second goal is to create an advanced session to help our experienced wrestlers keep advancing their skills and preparing for competition.
  • Please note, we will work with parents and move wrestlers around if there is a weight or partner mismatch.

Here is how we are defining the groups:

Beginner/Developing wrestlers:  First, second, and third-year athletes who are still stabilizing fundamentals and beginning to build more advanced technique. Wrestlers will range from 1st grade to 4th grade. The group will focus on creating an incredible foundation for your wrestler through teaching core skills, practicing live situation wrestling, and building an understanding of how to compete effectively. (If you are a first-year 5th grader, we'll meet with you and match you up with right-sized wrestlers.)

Coaches will continually assess athletes in this group and move wrestlers up to the advanced group if they become ready.

Advanced wrestlers: Third-year-plus wrestlers who have competed in more competitive meets with some success.  Examples of this athlete would be: greater than .500 record, typically places 1st or 2nd in open tournaments or has qualified for and competed at the MN-USA state tournament. This group will have a much quicker pace to practice while frequently working on situational wrestling.

As always, all groups will start off the year with a refresher on foundation technique, then will begin building on advanced skills as the season progresses. 

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New Practice Times: 


Advanced and Post Season Practice Prep

(planning to keep going to meets and trying to qualify for MNUSA or NYWA competitions)

  • Monday: 6:00-7:30 pm
  • Tuesday & Thursday: 6:30-8:00 pm
  • LSHS

ABOUT Lakeville Youth Wrestling Association

Since 1996, LYWA has been fostering the sport of wrestling for young athletes in Lakeville, Minnesota. We are committed to helping all our wrestlers, regardless of experience level, develop and advance. Through wrestling, kids learn skills that help them in other sports as well as life, including body control, mental toughness, empathy, self-reliance, and team camaraderie.

Contact Us: LYWA Board

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NYWA Tournament Recap

By Jeremy Thomas 09/14/2019, 5:45pm CDT

On Saturday, March 23, the LYWA wrestling family started out spring break by hosting another successful NYWA Region 3 Tournament. The proceeds from this event benefit all youth wrestlers our community, from Pre-K up through both high school programs. 

As this year's wildcard location, we welcomed extra wrestlers. Our great volunteers and the NYWA team came together to move the athletes through in a very efficient time frame. Nice work! 

Several LYWA wrestlers earned the right to compete at the NYWA State Tournament at the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester April 6-7. Congratulations!

  • Wyatt Bonnerup
  • Hunter Flen
  • Max Flen
  • Hayden Roy
  • Tyler Ruff
  • Asher Thomas

LYWA would like to recognize our Tournament Sponsors again for their generosity. The Chart House in Lakeville and the Farmington Kwik Trip contributed food and drinks this year to the concessions stand.

Stay tuned for tournament results & photo links!

By Jeremy Thomas 09/23/2018, 4:45pm CDT

We're excited to be gearing up for another season of youth wrestling! As our wrestlers start participating in meets, check back here or on our news & results page to find meet results and links to photos. 

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